Magnesium Compounds Product Line

Karnalyte Resources has a large, high purity magnesium chloride resource.  The magnesium salt (MgCl2) in our resource can be used to produce a range of added-value magnesium compounds.

The company has conducted a pre-feasibility study for the production of 32% magnesium chloride brine and Basic Magnesium Carbonate (BMC, hydromagnesite) products.  The pre-feasibility study showed that top quality products could be produced profitably.

Magnesium chloride brine can be used, without further processing, for a variety of industrial applications including road deicing and de-dusting.  The brine can be de-watered, converting it into magnesium chloride hexahydrate flake for shipping longer distances. Molten anhydrous magnesium chloride is a preferred raw material for the electrolytic production of magnesium metal.

Magnesium compounds, made by further processing the magnesium chloride, are used in diverse applications, including raw materials for steel and cement industry refractories,  flame retardants, additives and fillers for neoprene rubber and other polymers; magnesium compounds also find use in a wide variety of applications in the chemical, food additive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, detergent, and pulp and paper industries.

There are important agricultural applications for magnesium compounds because magnesium is an essential nutrient.

Karnalyte has been actively investigating new and emerging markets for its proposed magnesium compound products. Karnalyte will continue to work on development of novel end uses for magnesium compounds – applications where scale, purity of the raw material and geography give Karnalyte a market advantage.

The raw material has the potential to produce very high chemical purity (>99%) magnesium compounds so that trace contaminants do not limit potential applications.   Karnalyte has already done some market development into the use of BMC instead of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) in the pulp and paper industry and tests of BMC to partially replace expensive TiO2 in the paint and pigment industries have produced positive results.

Karnalyte’s planned initial annual production of 100,000 m. tons of MgCl2 brine and 104,000 m. tons of BMC translates to 141,000 m. tons per year of Magnesium Chloride profitably used in commercial products.

Karnalyte - Magnesium Compounds Product Line