Potash Products

The Company plans to produce high-quality, low sodium and uniform size granular potash pellets for the agricultural market -KCL97™.
A second product of low sodium compacted flakes for the industrial potash markets – KCL99™.

Granular Potash Pellets -KCL97™

  • Ideally suited for air seeders and bulk blending
  • Uniform size
  • Less than 1% sodium chloride content
  • Excellent storage and handling characteristic

Compacted Potash flake – KCL99™

  • Industrial grade
  • Ideal for bulk handling

Proprietary product improvements

Patent applications have been filed by the Company in Canada and the United States for improvements to various portions of the industry standard solution mining process and for the formulation of anticipated products. These include:

  • an improved granulation process to produce uniform size potash pellets;
  • the application of directional and horizontal drilling for potash extraction;
  • an improved extraction process and recovery of potash and magnesium chloride; and
  • a new compaction process to produce moisture resistant granular potash.

Karnalyte Potash Products