Magnesium Products

Upon Start-up of Phase 1 of the Wynyard Potash Project, a tailings stream of high purity magnesium chloride brine will become available. Rather than deep well disposal, a Preliminary Feasibility Study was carried out considering the production of high grade magnesium compounds from a portion of the tailings stream.

The Preliminary Feasibility Study considered the sale of 100,000 tonnes per year of 32% magnesium chloride brine and 104,000 tonnes per year of 99%+ Hydromagnesite (Basic Magnesium Carbonate, or BMC).

Magnesium Chloride brine is used primarily for:

  • highway de-icing in winter months
  • gravel road dust control in summer months
  • sewage treatment
  • textiles and paper
  • cement additive
  • oil well drilling fluid

Hydromagnesite (BMC) is being considered for use as:

  • TiO2 extender for paints, paper, and plastics
  • Precipitated Calcium Carbonate replacement for pulp and paper
  • Feedstock for the production of high grade magnesium chemicals
  • Feedstock for the production of fuel additives
  • Mineral fire retardant

Karnalyte - Magnesium Compounds Product Line