Potash Products


Karnalyte will produce 100% white granular potash; KCl97TM is produced using a highly efficient pan granulation process. This results in a spherical shape and Size Guide Number that is equivalent to granular Nitrogen and Phosphate fertilizers. A 99% KCl feedstock from the Karnalyte Process will be utilized, resulting in a low sodium pellet.

Some advantages include:

  • Higher purity with low sodium
  • Spherical shape
  • Uniform size
  • Less dust generated during handling
  • Lower caking tendency
  • Less settling and segregation from a blend
  • Resists plugging agricultural equipment
  • Less abrasive on agricultural equipment


Karnalyte has the option to upgrade the 99% KCl feedstock to Industrial Grade potash. KCl 99 could become an additional product in future phases.

Karnalyte Potash Products