We can remove all green house gasses from our atmosphere produced by Canada using Karnalyte vision and unique product.

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We can remove all green house gasses from our atmosphere produced by Canada using Karnalytes vision and unique product.

Removing carbon (CO2 or its equivalent) from the atmosphere is called carbon fixing or sequestering. 16 years ago the CEO of Karnalyte Resources Inc. Mr. Robin Phinney P Eng. and Mr. Gary Derdall, Ph D of Saskatoon 1999 co-authored a paper that provided the petrochemical industry a cheap and easy solution to remove their greenhouse gasses from  the atmosphere. “Carbon fixing by fertilizing the forest and commercial agricultural crops to offset the use of fossil fuels.   Karnalyte now has developed KCL99™ a unique water soluble 99.4% pure granular potash fertilizer ideal for fertilizing by aircraft as envisioned in his paper.

The greenhouse gasses we humans produce, plants and trees breath in and sequester until they are burnt or decay. Fertilizing our forests will produce 50% more wood each season and increase our yield of commercial crops by a similar factor. For each tonne of fertilizer used, trees sequester an additional 20 tonnes of CO2 and commercial crops 15 tonnes of CO2 per growth year.

Regardless of which side of the greenhouse gas debate you are on there is a sufficient number of Canadians calling for action that our various layers of government are implementing fossil fuel reduction and carbon tax schemes.

Alberta carbon levy (PST tax misspelled) implemented this year make the use of fossil fuels financially painful, with the hope of slowing down our use or use expensive alternative fuels. Albertans are told we have a carbon tax but we are being charged for carbon dioxide since they collect 3.6 times for money as 1 Mt of carbon = 3.67 Mt of CO2.  At $20.00/tonne Alberta is talking over 2.4 billion dollars just for gasoline, diesel and natural gas and this tax is set to increase by 50% next year.

Our Coal industry & Petrochemical industry is unfairly being targeted as  the scapegoat for the products we personally use to keep warm, travel, pave our roads, plastics etc. to enjoy our standard of living.  This industry generates significant national wealth and jobs and although 80% of their production is exported this debate over Alberta’s primary industry is dividing the country, provinces, cities and family’s.  Karnalyte’s solution to remove CO2 is less than half the price of our tax.

Canada’s contribution to the worlds CO2 output is 732 megatonnes (Mt.) or 1.6% of the total.  Trudeau is going to charge us $20.00Mt or 14.6 billion dollars as revenue rather than remove our greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere for 10 billion dollars.  Alberta contributes 275 Mt or 37% of Canada’s total with our petrochemical industry producing about 70 Mt or 25% of Alberta’s emissions.

Alberta harvested commercial grain crop area is about 15.3 million hectares, that if unfertilized, sequester about 84 Mt as CO2 into short term storage. In most cases our crops are fertilized and for example adding 535,000 tonnes of fertilizer an additional 29 Mt of CO2 are sequestered for a total of 99 Mt.

Alberta has 38 million hectares of government owned forests that annually sequester 57 – 68 Mt of CO2 into long term storage as wood. By adding 1.11 Mt of fertilizer our trees will sequester an additional 81 Mt of CO2 for a total of about 138 Mt. The cost of 1.11 Mt of fertilizer at $400.00/tonne plus an estimated $400.00/tonne to disperse it by air for a total of about 900 million dollars which I will round up to 1 billion dollars.

Should the Alberta’s Coal and Petrochemical industry fund this program they could remove 81 Mt of CO2 from our atmosphere while producing 70 Mt providing them a nice buffer of 11 Mt to continue to grow production.

Alberta has about 10% of Canada’s forests, and taking fertilizing forests across Canada we can reduce atmospheric CO2 levels by an additional 810 Mt leaving us as a world carbon sink of 78 Mt.

Now after 16 years Robin Phinney of Karnalyte Resources Inc. have an air dispersible fertilizer product ideally suited to his vision for the sequestering of CO2 by encouraging the forces of nature with a little help from fertilizer & minerals.

Please share this if you want our Alberta & Canadian Government and the Oil and Gas industry to review the merits of this solution.


Canada is carbon neutral

Bob Coutu

Senior Business Development at TOMCO Group of Companies

today Globe and Mail

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